CharacterMeasures Framework

It’s not all about how an athlete performs on the field or how successful students perform in the classroom. Today, performance off the field and out of the classroom matters nearly as much.

For athletes, decisions made away from a game not only reflect on their team, but they also provide insight into decisions a player may make when a game is on the line.

One way we help you know your athletes is by providing character assessments to players of both genders, from middle school through the pros. Athletes can take our character assessment as many times as they want. This is a great opportunity to showcase their positive attributes. For coaches, it’s the opportunity for a fuller picture of an athlete in whom they may be investing considerable time and money. Some may even use it to search for athletes who fit particular criteria relating to character. Depending on when the athlete starts his or her profile, a decision-maker can have access to a detailed character resume, possibly dating all the way back to middle school.

But most importantly, and the part closest to our heart, we’re giving athletes an opportunity to identify potential weaknesses in their character, work through them, and forge a clearer path to success.