About CharacterMeasures

Our Background

CharacterMeasures is a division of SportsMeasures, Inc. Based in Naperville, a western suburb of Chicago, SportsMeasures has been a pioneer in objective measurement of sports performance across all sports.

Patrick Fisher President Patrick Fisher has worked in the discipline of sports measurement for more than 20 years. Between 2001 and 2010, he also developed and analyzed high stakes certification testing for medical and dental certification boards. This unique experience makes him ideally suited to launch CharacterMeasures.

Patrick holds a Masters Degree in Education from The University of Chicago, with a specialization in Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistical Analysis. In addition, he is certified as a Diplomate in Measurement by the Institute for Objective Measurement.


Patrick is also the President of SportsMeasures.com - the only web site that provides scientifically validated comparisons of sports performances across conferences, divisions, leagues, and seasons. The mission of SportsMeasures.com is to consistently provide performance measures of all athletic endeavors of individuals, teams, conferences, and divisions.